About us
About us

Cities and regions across the world constantly compete to attract the most skilled talents. Next Stop Gothenburg is a project initiated by the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce aimed to increase the attractiveness of Gothenburg to students at the end of their education. The goal is to show an exciting and rapidly developing city filled with attractive career opportunities.

A group of companies, big and small, have joined forces to collaboratively attract talents to Gothenburg and West Sweden and to the companies operating within the region.

Next Stop Gothenburg promote Gothenburg and West Sweden at career fairs at universities across the country. We invite students to learn more about the city and region to establish Gothenburg as an attractive place to relocate to after graduation. Our goal is place Gothenburg as one of the top locations to consider when planning for one’s future career.

The Gothenburg region offer a wide range of industries and is one of Europe’s most rapidly expanding regions. Since founded in 1621 the city has always been international and open to the world, which generate endless possibilities.




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