Summer Jobs
Summer Jobs

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At AstraZeneca you’ll find several interesting internships and thesis possibilities within the exciting field of Life Science

Saab surveillance

As a student at Saab you get stimulating and challenging tasks to deliver with a surrounding of a diverse team of collegues. 

Student work placement at Saab will inspire and spur on to great things in a future career.

dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest provider of professional dental products. Write your thesis in this exciting field. 


Essity challenges you to think beyond the obvious. Are you passionate about hygiene and innovation, and would like to join a dedicated team of inspiring professionals? Write your thisis with Essity.


Would you like to work in a company that makes real difference in peoples lifes every day? At Wellspect the customer’s life quality is the key focus. 

Write a thesis that help improve the lifes of others.

ab volvo GROUP

Do you want to work where the action is? Are you looking for a springboard to a career destined to shape the future of transportation? It doesn’t matter if your heart beats for engineering, finance, IT or logistics – we can offer you a palette of international graduate programs tailored to meet your needs and designed to make you excel. Welcome to the world of exciting possibilities!


Serneke is an innovative construction company at the forefront of the global development of smart and sustainable community building. Serneke does this by challenging the industry, engage the present and inspire the future.
Join Serneke today!


There are several exciting opportunities for you as a newly graduated engineer or economist at EVRY.

Evry’s Graduate Program offers different tracks to choose from, depending on where your passion lies. Apply today!



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