Why Gothenburg?

Why Gothenburg?

Why Gothenburg?

Why Gothenburg should be your next stop

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is located on the coast of West Sweden, with a breathtaking archipelago. Charming cobblestone streets and exquisite canals mixed with a vibrant nightlife and dazzling cultural scene make a city filled with life. Gothenburg offer world-class seafood and outstanding restaurants. The city is known for its friendly people and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Gothenburg was voted “The most sociable city” in 2017 and openness to the world is not just a statement here, it is the way of living.

The region invites to an active social life and peaceful solitude.
There truly is something for everyone.

Billions invested in the city

The vibrant city is soon to celebrate its 400th anniversary and is undergoing rapid development. Billions are invested in the city’s infrastructure and construction, including a cable car crossing the river and the Nordics tallest building Karlatornet. The city is booming and embracing the future with innovative city planning and a focus on sustainability. The Gothenburg region is expecting to build 105 000 new homes by 2035 and 110 000 new workplaces.

Rapid growth create even more jobs

The career opportunities in the Gothenburg region are endless. The region has an extensive variety of trade and industry spanning more than 750 different industries. Gothenburg has been a center for global trade since the 1700s and the region is the home of several multinational companies, entrepreneurs and numerus companies operating on the global markets.

So why Gothenburg?

Here you can find quality of life, an exciting city and region, beautiful nature and a fantastic career. That is why Gothenburg is where you should plan your future!

Welcome to Gothenburg. We know you’ll love it!